[ANSTHRLD] a couple questions

Tomas Niallagain siortomas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 08:07:16 PDT 2009

Hey all,

    Remember these are institutional branches (Colleges, Strongholds, and
Ports) and as such are expected to have transient population.  When the
numbers drop to low to sustain the working order of the group, ie military
deployments or many members graduated and moved away, the group does not
fold but goes into a inactive status until the numbers are viable again.
The protective Baronies hold the monies for these groups as an accounting
subset of their own account, for just that reason, so that should they go
inactive the funds are still held viable awaiting the return of the group.
Additionally having a sheltering group makes those transitions easier as
there is a built in support group.
   A fine example of this is the College of Three Bridges.  This group had
membership fluctuation several years ago and the numbers of people who could
feasibly play in the College as opposed to the Barony of Elfsea, still do
not reach the level to have an active group.  The funds for this group  are
still maintained by the Barony and will continue to do so in perpetuation,
even after the group becomes active again, since with this type of group you
never know when the population will change significantly. The sheltering
Baronies would also take care of any assets the institutional branches have
while that group is dormant.


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