[ANSTHRLD] Fwd: [gdh] Anyone recognize these arms?

kevinkeary at aol.com kevinkeary at aol.com
Thu Jul 23 08:37:29 PDT 2009

 From another list, something I'd like spread around. Just in case 
somebody knows someone who uses this device. They're not registered. 
The closest I found was registered via Caid, and it wasn't close enough 
to have required a letter of permission to conflict.


Somebody's SCA combat heater has found it's way to Ebay.

The comments below it make it sound like the seller has been getting 
email accusing him of handling stolen merchandise, or maybe offering 
prices as though this were a for-use item and not 'primitive folk art'. 
He's actually cut his price nearly in half since I saw it the first 


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