[ANSTHRLD] royal badges?

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However, RfS XI.1. under "Reserved Charges" leads to the Glossary which
shows Table 1-Reserved Charges (
http://heraldry.sca.org/heraldry/coagloss.html#reserved) which includes
Crowns and Coronets as reserved charges.  It holds that Crowns and Coronets
may only be used for "Kingdom/Principality armory; Personal armory of
Society Royal Peers and Court Barons/Baronesses."
This leads me to believe that the Crowns must be removed from the devices of
the P&P in order to comply with Laurel and would also explain why
the orginal submissions for the devoces for the P&P did not include Crowns.
So it seems that the Prince could use the Kingdom arms, minus the Crown and
with the addition of the label and the Princess could do likewise, using the
Queen's arms.  Or we could just use what was registered.


On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 2:56 PM, Star Principal Herald
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> As has been pointed out, the designs-on-a-roundel in the Black Star are not
> registered badges.  This is somewhat confusing, as the rest of the
> designs-on-a-roundel *are* registered badges of those offices. I remind
> everyone that the Kingdom Chronicler is not a herald, and no doubt uses
> what
> graphics have been passed along from prior tenures. I'll speak with her
> about replacing those with more appropriate graphics.
> In the meantime, I would talk with your client more to see what her overall
> design is. If it's a design that is allusive of the four regions and the
> crown, then the designs in the Black Star are fine. If it's a design that
> incorporates other registered armory (branches or the like), then I would
> counsel against using the designs in the Black Star, in favor of using the
> actual registered armory for TRM and TRH.
> For reference, attached (if we have this working properly now) are the
> registered armory for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Ansteorra.
>  While we have no intention of releasing these devices, I would strongly
> prefer to see them relegated to "ancient/historical" status, and instead
> increase the use of the King/Queen devices with a red label across the top
> for TRH, as may be seen on http://coronet.ansteorra.org/.
> -Emma, Star

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