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Joe McGrew oscagne at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 15:29:51 PDT 2009

I'd like to ask help on a consultation.

The client is requesting the name Anton de Latour.  He is also
requesting the following description for a device:
"The field is argent. It has a sable bordure with an argent  fleur de
lis pattern.  in the center there is a tower azure (the tower has an
open door, and three shaded verticle rectangular windows) on top of
the tower there is a sable lion passant guardant. Under the tower
there is a grapevine in its natural colorings that extends to both
sides of the tower that don’t quite reach the lion."

He provided the following sketch:

I have attempted to blazon it, but would like some confirmation: Argent,
on a tower azure charged with a grapevine proper a lion passant
guardant sable all within a bordure sable semee-de-lis argent.

I found a Saint Gabriel report that says that Anton is the 16th Cen.
German version of Antonius.  I have seen in the surname de le Tour
passed, or the submitter says he can get documentation from a history
of the Letour winery as a location in order to use "de Letour" as a
descriptive.  Submitter would like the correct name form for 14th Cen.
France, but will use his legal first name "Antonio" if a historically
appropriate form won't work for him.

The St. Gabriel report (1167) also mentions the name used in Wales in
the 6thC, but mentions the forms <Antonius> or
<Annun>.  Submitter asks if this 6thC mention would be considered
documentation for "Anton".

Any guidance would be very appreciated.

Gregor Mac Beathain
Gate's Edge Pursuviant

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