[ANSTHRLD] Any problems with public commentary?

Jay Rudin rudin at peoplepc.com
Wed Sep 30 10:56:20 PDT 2009

Daniel wrote:

>The SCA Heralds mailing list has started discussing why Laurel-level
>heraldic commentary is not publicly viewable.  A couple of people have
>- someone reading commentary and being offended
>- submitters misunderstanding commentary on their submissions
>Has anyone noticed any such problems in Ansteorra? 

Oh, my, yes.  Yes indeed.  Oh, boy.

But not since about 1990, when we started publishing commentary without advanced notice.

There is no problem with private commentary.  There is no problem with public commentary.  (Every one of us knows how to be polite in front of guests.)

But there is a great deal of problem from private commentary made public.  Announce the policy in advance, remind people that their words are public and on the record, and there should be no problems.

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