[ANSTHRLD] Any problems with public commentary?

Coblaith Muimnech Coblaith at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 30 12:50:19 PDT 2009

Alasdair MacEogan wrote:
> There have also been enough instances where there have been issues  
> with the submission that we have been able to work through with the  
> submitter being aware of of the commentary.  We may have gotten  
> redraws before the decision meeting or the submitter may have been  
> able to voice a preference to a particular name change, etc if  
> there are options.

Dankyn de Linccolne
> I'd like more details from people who have seen cases.  Is it because
> (1) Asterisk sees how the commentary is trending on an issue and
>     contacts the submitter?
> (2) A commenter sees the issue &c?
> (3) A herald who is not a commenter sees the issue &c?
> (4) The submitter themself is following the commentary on their own  
> item
>     and offers a fix or comment without prompting?
> I'm asking because I've heard cases of whoever was running the  
> decision meeting saying "I'll contact the submitter to see whether  
> she'll allow that change" or whatever.  That is, I've seen (1)  
> above, but not heard of (2..4).

I've contacted a couple of people who submitted through me to tell  
them there were problems with their items.  One of them (who had a  
guaranteed return on her hands) withdrew the submission and later  
submitted something better.  I'm not sure that really constitutes a  
"fix", though.

The submitter of item 26 on the August ILoI changed her mind about  
the form of her name in response to comments, and used ACE to notify  
the College.  She's a commenting herald, so I don't know whether  
that's a (2) or a (4).

One of my consultation clients recently contacted me to ask whether  
he needed to do anything to bolster his badge submission, because one  
of the commenting heralds had raised a question about its style.  I  
didn't think he did, but I'd still see that as an instance of (4).

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