[ANSTHRLD] 16th Century Spanish names

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Thu Apr 22 07:31:21 PDT 2010

Greetings the list,

I am doing some research for several late period Spanish names, and I have a few questions.

The pattern <given name> de <locative>: is it possible to use a double element given name?  The name I am considering registering is Juan Miguel de Vadillo.  All of the elements are listed at St. Gabriel as 16th Century Spanish.  If this isn't registerable, can I do Juan Miguel <patronymic> de Vadillo?  

Also, what is an acceptable Spanish title for an hidalgo that is not Don (I only have AoA level awards)?

With Moorish names of the same period:  how would a married woman's name be done?  Are there any differences from male to female or single to married?  The submitters want to use Spanish rather than overtly Moorish elements.

Does the naming practice of <given name> <father's surname> <mother's surname> or vice versa exist that far back?  It seems that most people at this time don't have surnames, per se.


Masamune (a Japanese persona going late-period Spanish, go figure)

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