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Doing a quick St Gabriel search (I'm at work without my books) provides the
following answers to your questions.

Is a double element given name possible in late period Spain?  Short answer
yes, but they are VERY rare (see letters 1042,1239, and 1491)  However, if
you are willing to use Miguel as part of your surname, instead of as a
second given name, there is considerably more leeway (see letters 1554 and

What would the AoA level of an hidalgo be? Senor with a tilde over the n

How would a married Moorish woman's name be done? she would be known as her
father's daughter (See letter 1925) or she could have been <muyer de senor
Juan> which is "wife of Mister/Lord Juan" (see letter 2412).  Further , she
could have a locative byname (see letter 2514).  Lastly, she could have an
occupational byname (see letter 2879).

Does the naming practice of <given name> <father's surname> <mother's
surname> or vice versa exist that far back? I haven't found anything (at
least in St. Gabriel) to lead me to believe that it existed back that far.
Letter 3064 mentions the use of the matronymic, but not in conjunction with
a patronymic...

Hope this helps.  I'll dig more when I'm able, but wanted to give you some
more looking you could do pretty quickly.

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 9:31 AM, <ravenrux at cox.net> wrote:

> Greetings the list,
> I am doing some research for several late period Spanish names, and I have
> a few questions.
> The pattern <given name> de <locative>: is it possible to use a double
> element given name?  The name I am considering registering is Juan Miguel de
> Vadillo.  All of the elements are listed at St. Gabriel as 16th Century
> Spanish.  If this isn't registerable, can I do Juan Miguel <patronymic> de
> Vadillo?
> Also, what is an acceptable Spanish title for an hidalgo that is not Don (I
> only have AoA level awards)?
> With Moorish names of the same period:  how would a married woman's name be
> done?  Are there any differences from male to female or single to married?
>  The submitters want to use Spanish rather than overtly Moorish elements.
> Does the naming practice of <given name> <father's surname> <mother's
> surname> or vice versa exist that far back?  It seems that most people at
> this time don't have surnames, per se.
> Thanks,
> Masamune (a Japanese persona going late-period Spanish, go figure)
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