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Masamune wrote:
> I am doing some research for several late period Spanish names. . .

> Does the naming practice of <given name> <father's surname>  
> <mother's surname> or vice versa exist that far back?

I found one relevant bit of information.  The June, 2002 Laurel  
Letter of Acceptances and Returns says, in comments related to the  
registration of "Fernando Rodriguez de Avilles y León" <http:// 

> Submitted as Fernando Rodriguez de Avilles y de León, the submitter  
> requested authenticity for 16th C Spanish. Garnet found provided  
> information regarding combining surnames using y, including  
> examples from Julio de Atienza, Nobiliario Español:
> Unfortunately, the modern practice of combining patronymic and  
> matronymic surnames using <y> is not in general use before 1600.  
> Instead, paternal and maternal name elements are combined in a  
> variety of ways in period. I could find no examples of names with  
> the structure the submitter desires; the closest exemplars I could  
> find were <López de Mendoza y de la Vega> and < de Lili y Hurtado  
> de Mendoza>. However, there are numerous examples of a patronymic  
> followed by multiple placenames, and some genealogies make it clear  
> that they combine paternal and maternal elements. I'd expect  
> <Fernando>, the son of <Juan Rodriguez de Avilles> and <Isabel de  
> Leon>, to be <Fernando Rodriguez de Avilles y León> (using all the  
> possible elements) though a name like <Fernando Rodriguez de  
> Avilles>, <Fernando Rodriguez de León> or <Fernando de Avilles y  
> León> or is equally likely.

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