[ANSTHRLD] FROM STAR: Asterisk Herald and mailing list questions

Star Principal Herald star at ansteorra.org
Mon Apr 26 12:45:19 PDT 2010


FIRST, I'd like to remind everyone that the office of Asterisk Herald is
accepting applications through the end of this month (April).  As of this
date, while I've heard of some interest, I've not received any applications
at all.  The warrant of our current Asterisk, HL Estrill, expires at the end
of May, and we'd dearly love to not have to extend it.

What is most important for this position is *reliable* access to a scanner,
computer, and email; ability and willingness to handle, track, and forward
on monies received in a timely fashion; sorting, filing, and mailing out
various submissions forms in a timely fashion; strong attention to detail.
This is one of the few positions in which typos when transcribing from a
submission form are Very Bad.

The office does NOT require a full grasp of the Rules for Submission,
however ideally the perfect candidate would have such, as
back-stopping/helping Bordure with decisions is generally desired. If you
don't feel you have that level of heraldic knowledge yet, but have a good
grasp of the other job requirements, please do apply anyway! Consider it
on-the-job training.

The previous job requirement of "must have physical space to store 2735345
file boxes" is no longer an issue. You should have room to store anywhere
from one (currently active only) to eight boxes (2000-present), depending on
how many of the files you wish to have in your hands. The rest are
semi-permanently archived and are accessible via email/mail whenever

SECOND, as I've mentioned previously, the nature of the Ansteorran Gazette
is very likely going to change drastically, from a PDF document to a monthly
emailing of some sort. At the least it will contain URLs to the documents it
currently publishes (ILoI, AICC, LoAR), and likely will expand to include a
list of current items-in-progress, as well as usual letters from Star or
other officers.

I have considered creating a (moderated) "heralds-announce" mailing list,
that will use this list (heralds) as a subscriber. This means that anyone
subscribing to this mailing list would also automatically receive postings
from the heralds-announce list; people who wanted less traffic could choose
to NOT subscribe to this list (or unsubscribe from heralds), but subscribe
separately to heralds-announce.  All warranted heralds would be required to
receive heralds-announce postings either directly or via the regular heralds
list. Does this seem reasonable, or an excess of work for amount gained?

Please let me know your thoughts.

-Emma, Star

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