[ANSTHRLD] FROM STAR: Asterisk Herald and mailing list questions

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For purposes of archiving materials, would it not be a goodness to also produce an .rtf or .pdf?  (Pure email has a bad habit of going missing, in my experience - as do URL-linked items.)


I'm not going so far as to suggest that EVERYTHING has to have dead-tree copies in the archives.  I am thinking in terms of long-term ability to replicate what existed at a given point in time - which purpose the PDF has filled relatively well thus far, as far as I am personally aware.

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> From: star at ansteorra.org
> Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 14:45:19 -0500
> To: heralds at lists.ansteorra.org
> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] FROM STAR: Asterisk Herald and mailing list questions
> Greetings!
> FIRST, I'd like to remind everyone that the office of Asterisk Herald is
> accepting applications through the end of this month (April). As of this
> date, while I've heard of some interest, I've not received any applications
> at all. The warrant of our current Asterisk, HL Estrill, expires at the end
> of May, and we'd dearly love to not have to extend it.
> What is most important for this position is *reliable* access to a scanner,
> computer, and email; ability and willingness to handle, track, and forward
> on monies received in a timely fashion; sorting, filing, and mailing out
> various submissions forms in a timely fashion; strong attention to detail.
> This is one of the few positions in which typos when transcribing from a
> submission form are Very Bad.
> The office does NOT require a full grasp of the Rules for Submission,
> however ideally the perfect candidate would have such, as
> back-stopping/helping Bordure with decisions is generally desired. If you
> don't feel you have that level of heraldic knowledge yet, but have a good
> grasp of the other job requirements, please do apply anyway! Consider it
> on-the-job training.
> The previous job requirement of "must have physical space to store 2735345
> file boxes" is no longer an issue. You should have room to store anywhere
> from one (currently active only) to eight boxes (2000-present), depending on
> how many of the files you wish to have in your hands. The rest are
> semi-permanently archived and are accessible via email/mail whenever
> necessary.
> SECOND, as I've mentioned previously, the nature of the Ansteorran Gazette
> is very likely going to change drastically, from a PDF document to a monthly
> emailing of some sort. At the least it will contain URLs to the documents it
> currently publishes (ILoI, AICC, LoAR), and likely will expand to include a
> list of current items-in-progress, as well as usual letters from Star or
> other officers.
> I have considered creating a (moderated) "heralds-announce" mailing list,
> that will use this list (heralds) as a subscriber. This means that anyone
> subscribing to this mailing list would also automatically receive postings
> from the heralds-announce list; people who wanted less traffic could choose
> to NOT subscribe to this list (or unsubscribe from heralds), but subscribe
> separately to heralds-announce. All warranted heralds would be required to
> receive heralds-announce postings either directly or via the regular heralds
> list. Does this seem reasonable, or an excess of work for amount gained?
> Please let me know your thoughts.
> -Emma, Star
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