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Bob Wade logiosophia at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 16:36:23 PDT 2010

Speaking as a former local Pursuivant:
I've encouraged Branch Heralds to subscrube to [Ansthrld] (In Digest Form) and to the Electronic LoAR Mailing List from the Branch e-mail address you set up a couple of years ago.
Assuming there is an accessable web-archive for easy access, the plans for revising the Gazette sound good.  IMO bookmarks are easier to search through than e-mails.


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SECOND, as I've mentioned previously, the nature of the Ansteorran Gazette
is very likely going to change drastically, from a PDF document to a monthly
emailing of some sort. At the least it will contain URLs to the documents it
currently publishes (ILoI, AICC, LoAR), and likely will expand to include a
list of current items-in-progress, as well as usual letters from Star or
other officers.

I have considered creating a (moderated) "heralds-announce" mailing list,
that will use this list (heralds) as a subscriber. This means that anyone
subscribing to this mailing list would also automatically receive postings
from the heralds-announce list; people who wanted less traffic could choose
to NOT subscribe to this list (or unsubscribe from heralds), but subscribe
separately to heralds-announce.  All warranted heralds would be required to
receive heralds-announce postings either directly or via the regular heralds
list. Does this seem reasonable, or an excess of work for amount gained?

Please let me know your thoughts.

-Emma, Star
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