[ANSTHRLD] FROM STAR: Asterisk Herald and mailing list questions

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Mon Apr 26 18:57:20 PDT 2010

Star Principal Herald <star at ansteorra.org> wrote:

>  SECOND, as I've mentioned previously, the nature of the Ansteorran Gazette
>  is very likely going to change drastically, from a PDF document to a monthly
>  emailing of some sort. At the least it will contain URLs to the documents it
>  currently publishes (ILoI, AICC, LoAR), and likely will expand to include a
>  list of current items-in-progress, as well as usual letters from Star or
>  other officers.

The letters, etc are well worth archiving in their own right as has been pointed out.  A list of bookmarks may not be as useful in and of itself.  Those are only good till someone actually gets past the talking stage and gives the CoH website it long overdue and much needed organizational overhaul.

>  I have considered creating a (moderated) "heralds-announce" mailing list,
>  that will use this list (heralds) as a subscriber. This means that anyone
>  subscribing to this mailing list would also automatically receive postings
>  from the heralds-announce list; people who wanted less traffic could choose
>  to NOT subscribe to this list (or unsubscribe from heralds), but subscribe
>  separately to heralds-announce.  All warranted heralds would be required to
>  receive heralds-announce postings either directly or via the regular heralds
>  list. Does this seem reasonable, or an excess of work for amount gained?

If we sill still be retaining an archive of everything on the website, this may be overkill.  I am leery of relying on mail list archives to keep such a backup as that relies on the web host and the quality of its backups.  Plus the hope that things do not get lost if you switch providers.


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