[ANSTHRLD] Device of Ari Greycloak

Coblaith Muimnech Coblaith at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 14 01:18:10 PST 2010

Magnus wrote:
> Is anyone aware of a device submitted by Ari Greycloak of Raven's  
> Fort in the last two years?

If it was within the last two years, it must have been within the  
last six months.  As Orbis Herald I received reports on activity in  
Raven's Fort from June, 2008, through May, 2010, and no submission  
under any name remotely similar to "Ari Greycloak" was mentioned.   
(I've still got copies of the reports on my computer. . .and, just  
possibly, a small data hoarding problem.)

Alternatively, I suppose, it could've been submitted at a large event  
outside the barony and never referred to the branch herald.   
Unfortunately, that'd make the likelihood of tracking down any old  
paperwork pretty low (assuming it didn't make it to Asterisk, which  
I'd assume it didn't if it's not in the Heraldic Submissions Tracker).

Coblaith Muimnech
<mailto:Coblaith at sbcglobal.net>

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