[ANSTHRLD] Heirs to Principalities--Title Question

Lisa Theriot lisatheriot at ravenboymusic.com
Sun Apr 3 21:10:07 PDT 2011

Caid still uses the term for their heir that they used when they were a
principality of the West-- al-Caid, though of course it's now the Crown
Prince (the Crown Princess is Lady Caid, also the same from principality

One has to be careful about how one spells that...  Caid was originally
registered (in spite of the sure and certain knowledge that it was an
acronym for the four original baronies, Calafia, Angels, Isles, and
Dreiburgen) based on being a somewhat plausible transliteration of the
Arabic for 'fortress'; that's now usually spelled <qaeda>, making the
Crown Prince, well, er...


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