[ANSTHRLD] books looking for homes

Lisa Theriot lisatheriot at ravenboymusic.com
Tue Apr 5 07:45:27 PDT 2011


The Rymut is definitely one of those library-authorized copies of
out-of-print materials.  The pages are flat to the point that they had
to have been unbound, and the library marks are on the first page of the
introduction.  I'm not sure about all of them; the Withycombe may simply
have been copied to loose leaf to survive life at the consulting table.
That's why I want to bring them out for inspection so everyone knows
exactly what they are getting.

We discovered at Herald's Point at Gulf Wars that the recent paperback
edition of Bardsley, though appearing legit, was evidently done the
old-fashioned way-- one page is almost completely obscured by the
reproduced image of someone's hand holding the book open on the copier!


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