[ANSTHRLD] Name check

Lynda Boots primevalooze at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 11:00:39 PDT 2011

I have a customer who would like  Elen verch Phellip, Welsh, living in Monmouth 
in the 1380s. 

I don't see any conflict. "Elen" is well documented.  The name form seems good.  
I haven't found the particular spelling of the last name she wants.  She had 

    A variation (Phelip) can be found in the Merioneth Lay Subsidy Roll in the 
13th century.
    Variations (Philip, Philipe) can be found in the Chancery Records 
of  Pembrokshire in the 16th century. 

Anyone have another on "Phellip?"



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