[ANSTHRLD] Odd question I'm unable to find the answer to.

Emily Minier adalia.nyx at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 11:22:25 PDT 2011

Since we register specific arms to specific people, is there permission
necessary for someone OTHER THAN the registree to cause those arms to be
displayed?  If so, what permission is necessary and how is that permission

Let me give some background.

There is a merchant at a war who will (for no fee) gladly accept and display
the registered arms of any member of the SCA.  He has specific size rules
and such on his acceptances, but that is neither here nor there.  Some
members of the populace have asked that their arms be crafted in a form that
complies with his rules so they can be displayed.  Do I need to have some
form of written permission from the owner of the arms before I create and
deliver said arms unto the vendor?

HL Adalia VonderBerg

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