[ANSTHRLD] Blazoning and Winterkingdom

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Sun Jan 2 16:36:03 PST 2011

At the present time I intend to have a consultation table there, yes. I  
have to coordinate that with the autocrat, whom I will see tomorrow. I know I  
also need to contact someone about having additional resource materials 
(besides  my own meager supply) there, but I have forgotten who that is.
Kevin, new to the office of Nordsteorra.
As far as the device, depending on the relative size of the two charges,  
consider "Vert, a decrescent maintaining from its upper horn a bell  argent".
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barrett1 at cox.net writes:

Two  related issues, here, hope you don't mind the inquiry.

Does anyone know  if a Heralds consultation table will be at Winterkingdom 
in the Barony of  Northkeep?

A friend currently preparing a device for submission is  under the 
impression there usually is one, but we don't know for certain  whether or not to 
expect one this year. I can't find any reference to  one.

The reason he is wanting a consultation table is this - he seems  to have a 
good, strong, clean idea for a device, but the exact wording of the  blazon 
is proving to be a bit of a snare.

He is wanting a silver  crescent (descrescent - facing the viewers right) 
and he wants a silver bell  hanging inside the crescent, attached to the 
upper curve of the crescent, all  on a green field.

The closest I can come is this; "Vert, a bell  dependant within a 
decrescent argent."

Is that correct?
The  placement of "dependant" and "within" in the description is my 
concern. When  an object is not only hanging from another, but is hanging from a 
particular  place on that object, I lose my way when it comes to blazoning.

I  believe this has an excellent chance of passing. The only close call I 
could  locate in the ordinary is "Vert, a decrescent with a bordure indented 
argent",  registered to a Carl of Sutherland in 1982.
I have no idea what is  currently under submission, but this friend is 
willing to add an orle argent  or a double tressure argent, if need be.

Personal note? Cool charge,  very recognizable.

My thanks for your time on this  matter.

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