[ANSTHRLD] bell pendant from decrescent (was: Blazoning andWinterkingdom)

SBarrett barrett1 at cox.net
Tue Jan 4 22:02:36 PST 2011

 Coblaith wrote -

 "I'm not seeing much use of "dependant" in the online O&A.  The
 standard modern spelling, "dependent", is used in most blazons in
 which the term appears, and there are significantly more charges
 blazoned as "pendant" than as "dependent".  The former also has the
 advantage of meaning "hanging from" in ordinary English, which ought
 to make it easy for a herald or artist who's not seen it used in
 blazon before to understand."

Thank you.

Normally I would be completely mortified, since I have been spelling 
'dependent' wrong all this time, but it occurs to me that Coblaith has 
edited my work before.
Well, I might add.
So I've been here before. Feels like old times.

Your blazoning suggestions are excellent and a few are nearly word for word 
what was suggested by a herald last night at pop meeting.

The one thing I was told was to try to get the blazon right, but worry more 
about a clean image and let the system on up to LSOA decide the best wording 
for the blazon. In other words, get as close you can with the info you have 
but be prepared for editing.
Editing - I can handle that.
The bell is substantial in size and fills the crescent (decrescent, 
technically) very well, but I do believe the decrescent, per your advice, 
would be blazoned first. The decrescent is still the larger of the two.

Again, my thanks, Coblaith. It is good to hear from you again.


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