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Wed Jan 19 13:24:20 PST 2011

---- Laura Young <laura.young.9191 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> PASE is one of the sites I used, but it was not on the heralds list of
> approved sources, and I was trying to determine if they would accept it.
There isn't really an approved list. There is a list of sources to avoid, and a list of sources that don't require photocopies. You prolly have the latter list in mind. The introduction to the list says "Note that the fact that a name element or armorial motif appears in these sources is no guarantee of registerability. The Laurel office and several kingdom heraldic offices have copies of all of these books; Laurel urges the Kingdom Colleges to acquire copies of any they do not have." Try not to read more into those lists than the names denote.
Malcolm Drum

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