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There may be presumption issues uder RfS XI "Armory may not claim status or powers the submitter does not possess, as is required by General Principle 3b of these rules..."
"(Tinctureless) A Lacy knot" is important enough to be protected by the SCA as an "Important non-SCA badge'.  Both of these proposed badges could be viewed as claiming the submitter is Lacy's bard by the CoA.  That's what Ansteorra means for the badge of the Titled Bard.  Loch Soilleir does the same.
Have you considered charges that allude to a Hall (Door, Arch, Castle, etc)?

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Fieldless, A Lacy knot or conjoined within the frame of an Irish harp vert.

Fieldless, A Lacy knot conjoined within the frame of an Irish harp vert.

Per bend sinister Or and Vert, ermined Or, in dexter chief a harp vert.
1 cd  for fieldless, 1 cd for lacy knot

Or, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points within the frame
of an Irish harp sable.
1 cd for field, 1 cd for knot 1 cd for tincture of harp and knot

Do you specify conjoined in fieldless?

In fieldless is it more correct to use a single color?

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