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Vy, I used a variation of the Morsulus search engine Daniel posted a few years ago that I bookmarked
Typed in "charged tierce" and searched the results form there.

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On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 9:41 PM, Vyolante Oporto <vyolante at gmail.com> wrote:
> So this tierce thing has brought up a question for me. When I look for
> precedents I look at the precedents compiled on the heraldry.sca.org site -
> Where are you getting the Cover Letters from? Also, why aren't the
> precedents stated in the Cover letters listed in the precedents on the
> heraldry.sca.org site?

The compiled precedents on the Laurel website are a reflection of what
the compiler thought was important to include from Cover Letters and
LoARs.  So, sometimes things get overlooked, or weren't considered
important enough to include, or aliens ate them ... but what's
definitive is the LoARs and CLs themselves, even if they aren't
compiled in.

They're also incomplete ... the few years of rulings aren't yet
included, because the compilers are still compiling.  It's done by
hand, by volunteers (usually one person for names and/or armory per
Laurel tenure).

Another useful tool is the Morsulus search engine.  It's a handy
interface to Google that limits results to ones on sca.org and in html
format (otherwise you might end up with .txt or .rtf or .pdf results).

Any time I want to find a recent precedent, the Morsulus search is the
best tool I've got.

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