[ANSTHRLD] Ansteorran Gazette May 2011

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Wed May 4 13:41:14 PDT 2011

Joseph Percer <jpercer at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I'd like to add that in the end, when it's decision meeting time, I
>  really prefer not to return items unless it's a sure deal thing that
>  they would be returned at Laurel. Sometimes that decision can be a
>  little bit difficult, but where possible I prefer to err on the side
>  of the submitter and let the item have a chance at Laurel. There's
>  many more resources at that level, particularly with some of the
>  commenters and their extensive experiences with some of the more
>  obscure naming practices out there. Though I can't speak for Alasdair,
>  my understanding is he worked mostly the same. So as a general rule,
>  I'd tend to agree with Emma, our pass rate is likely not artificially
>  increased by a higher than normal amount of returns.

Well I CAN speak for Alasdair and I will say I tried to do the same.  Sometimes meant I sent things up I would prefer 
not to, but...

>  Andrewe, who is going to go look at the statistics now, out of sheer curiosity.

Be interesting to see the numbers.  The LoI stats should be easy becasue they were always in my quarterly report to 


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