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Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Thu May 5 19:25:08 PDT 2011

Just as a follow-up, there were 6 submissions withdrawn during the
time period I tallied up (Feb '10 - Jan '11). Removing them from the
return percentage drops our return rate to 18% of submissions
presented to kingdom.

Of the 25 device returns made in this time period, 8 of those returns
were made for conflict with already registered armory, 9 returns were
made for redraw or identifiability issues, 5 were withdrawn by the
submitter, and 3 were returned for violations such as the layer limit,
documentation of charges, or other issues.

Of the 5 badge returns made, 1 was for conflict, 1 was for a re-draw,
1 was withdrawn by the submitter, and 2 had multiple RfS violations
requiring return.

I hope that the information has been illuminating, or helpful in some way.



On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:33 PM, Joseph Percer <jpercer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings!
> Since there was some discussion about the submissions statistics for
> our Kingdom... I had the wild urge to go and crunch the numbers.
> I looked at the submissions from the period of February 2010 to
> January 2011. There are still 2 Laurel letters outstanding at that
> point, so the overall Laurel percentages for that year cannot yet be
> computed, but the primary interest seems to lie in the kingdom
> percentages. At this phase, none of the data separates out withdrawn
> items, or resubmissions versus new submissions.
> For the aforementioned period, the kingdom saw 198 items, 10 were
> Fast-track accepted, 3 were fast-track returned. There were 83 name
> submissions, 85 device submissions, and 17 badge submissions.
> The kingdom returned 3 names, 25 devices, and 5 badges during this
> time period, for a return rate of 3% for names, and 30% for devices
> and badges respectively. There was an overall return rate of 22% in
> kingdom, with a total of 36 items beign returned or withdrawn (I think
> I noted 4 or 5 withdrawn items).
> I'm planning to sit and work with these statistics more. I'd like to
> follow Star's suggestion and break the device returns into
> redraw/identifiability issues and issues with conflict. As well I will
> work out a way to break out the withdrawn items so that they don't
> negatively reflect our return percentage.
> All in all, I think that a 22% rate of return in Kingdom is fairly
> reasonable. We're filtering out the things that shouldn't be going on
> to Laurel, and sending them a high-quality product. It does not seem
> to be artificially high and I'm hoping that once I get around to
> dividing up armory returns into identifiability issues veruss conflict
> that will help get things clarified further.
> The numbers seem to speak highly of the submitters and College as a
> whole, so to all you locals, consultants, commenters, and office
> holders out there, please keep up the good work!
> YiS,
> Andrewe Bawldwyn
> Bordure Herald
> --
> Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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