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I found this, but no cited reference. 

Key -- by default keys are palewise, however there is some confusion between mundane and SCA heraldry as to the location of the wards (the part that goes into the lock) and should be explicitly blazoned, although they appear to always be to the dexter (left) side and/or facing downward if the key is fesswise when drawn. If no specification is given for the location of the wards, assume to chief, but they should normally be blazed as wards to chief or wards to base.

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> > I have a client who would like the following device:
> > Per chevron sable & argent, in chief two keys
> argent and in base a
> > crow rising, wings addorsed and elevated, gules.
> With per chev and charges two and one, you don't need "in
> chief
> ... and in base".  It's assumed that two are on the
> top half and one
> on the bottom.
> > and to be sure it get checked against the right things
> - Black top
> > with a white chevron from the base. 2 white keys on
> the black
> Please specify exact orientation of the keys -- horizontal,
> vertical,
> bendwise, what?  Which end has the head/bow? 
> Which way is the plate
> at the tip, the bit, facing?  (Wikipedia says that
> "wards" refers to a
> lock, not to a key.  In brief searching, I haven't
> found a good site
> to definitively define the parts of a medieval key.)
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