[ANSTHRLD] Name Construction Check - Katerinka Lilieva Ikonnikova

Melissa Barton m.alanebarton at gmail.com
Fri May 20 15:15:01 PDT 2011

Magnus wrote:

I find your critique of Paul Wickenden of Thanet quite disrespectful.
> He is a friend and has worked tirelessly for years on SCA research to
> deserve
> our gratitude.

With all respect, my lord, I did not see Adelaide criticize Paul Wickenden
of Thanet; she pointed out some issues with specific *articles* he wrote,
likely with the best information that was available to him at the time, and
she did so courteously and without judgement of him as a person. This is
exactly the kind of discussion of source documentation I regularly see in
OSCAR commentary.

If we cannot acknowledge that sometimes information becomes out of date as
we learn more--no matter whether the person who originally wrote the article
is a professional scholar, well-known in the SCA, or a complete nobody--how
can our knowledge progress? Should she instead have avoided pointing out
potential pitfalls in using the article to support that particular name,
simply because the author is well-known?

Certainly had I authored the article, I would want people to use it
critically and acknowledge its errors, not simply assume that I must be
correct or worse, pretend I am correct for social reasons.

(Apologies for not using titles, as I do not know either yours or

In service,

Leonor Ruiz

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