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   Found off another list, enjoy, Hillary
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Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 10:48 AM
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Greetings from Sofya to my fellow Heralds,

Apologies for cross-posting.

After seeing discussions here and elsewhere about the pros/cons of having a
wiki for SCA Heraldry, I've decided to just go and do it.
So far, I've mined information from the Glossary of Terms, RfS and SENA (I
started before SENA was approved), the Index of the Ordinary, A Heraldic
Primer, the "Compatible Names" section of the Collected Name Precendents,
and interesting tidbits that have come up on the email lists since I
started this in March.

There are already over 600 articles and illustrations, so I'm starting to
find it useful. (I find it easier to "search" for something in the Index
of the Ordinary in the wikispace than to go to the on-line Index and drill
down through the alphabetical listings.)

I'm in the process of pulling information from the "Precedents" at Modar
University, adding in key LoARs and Cover Letters, extracting the on-line
version of Parker, putting in illustrations and... well, I guess it's time
to let other people help me, now that the basic framework has been set.

http://scaheraldry. wikispaces. com

You can only edit if I have approved you as a member, so check it out and
let me know if you want to help.

At your service,

Heraldshill Pursuivant

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