[ANSTHRLD] Other heraldic displays

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Ah, yes...I was vague.

Permanently...painted on.

Why? Don't know...group hasn't been made privy as to why.

I know three "why" conditions not met: donation, memorial, and vandalism.

I apologize for any disturbance. I was just trained from early on that the display of armory was reserved to the owner and that such a display implied the presence of the owner...and that the tent, flag, shield, etc., belonged to the owner.
Different question:Does anyone know of any group in Ansteorra with a tent decorated with armory other than that group's? If so, which group and what armory?

..whose showing his crotchety age today

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> > How about the reverse...displaying an individual's
> personal arms on
> > a baronial tent? And not as a collection of arms for
> the office.
> >
> > With permission, it is legal. Would it be considered
> appropriate?
> "I shot a man.  Is it legal?"  The answer is
> "Mu".
> Is it a display outside or about the tent, or actually
> painted on or
> affixed to the tent?  Why was it put there?  I can
> imagine all sorts
> of possibilities: the arms of someone who donated the tent
> (sounds
> like the period practice of donating to a church and getting
> one's
> arms in it) to someone snuck in during the night and
> spray-painted
> their arms on it.
> Danett Lincoln
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