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I would have added more, but I wrote my previous reply at a gate at
JFK airport.  Thank you, JetBlue, for providing free wifi.

The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA) are under
heraldry.sca.org.  They are the current version of Da Rulez.

Among one of the first things to look at are the design itself, before
considering conflict.  SENA part A (for Armory) is

A. Armory
A.1. Armory Style Principles.
A.2. Armory Content.
A.3. Armory Style.
A.4. Armory Individually Attested Patterns.
A.5. Armory Conflict.
A.6. Armory Presumption.
A.7. Armory Offense.

http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/sena.html#A2 is A.2, Armory Content.
It concerns the elements of the design. "Armorial elements include
tinctures, charges, lines of division, complex line treatments,
postures/orientations, arrangements, and the like.  Essentially, each
piece of an armorial submission is an element."

A.3 is Armory Style.  It's how elements are arranged in a design, be
it a device, a fielded badge, a fieldless badge, or whatever.

A.4, Armory Individually Attested Patterns, is for when you can say
"bugger the rules, what I want is period!" But you have to prove it
sufficiently well.  The rest should be pretty clear.

So the first is about the parts and the second is about how they're
assembled.  For a clothing analogy, the first is about the fabric,
trim, beads, and such, and the second is the pattern of how it's sewn
together and decorated.

Unfortunately, the way I picked up heraldry was by going to heraldic
commenting groups that included 4 previous Star Principal Heralds and
3 other titles heralds, so I learned by osmosis in a rich environment.
I wonder how possible it is to learn SCA heraldry by reading SENA or
by reading and doing internal commentary on Ansteorran Internal
Letters of Intent (under heraldry.ansteorra.org, which I presume has a
link somewhere under Submissions to point to oscar.sca.org).

Danett de Lincoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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