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Did ekaterina pass or sent back?

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> These are the last notifications for this month   If these individuals are
> in your group please forward this.
> Ekaterina Ivanova. Name. *
> The submitter requested authenticity for 15th century Russian. This is an
> exemplary 16th century name, but we could not confirm that Ekaterina (as
> opposed to other Catherine variants) was used in the 15th century. We know
> that the name was in use in the 12th century (in "Russian Personal Names:
> Name Frequency in the Novgorod Birch-Bark Letters") and in the 16th century
> (in Dictionary of Russian Names). However, we do not know that it was also
> be found in the 15th century.
> Enid of Crickhollow. Blanket permission to conflict with device. Per
> chevron argent and azure, two mullets of six greater and six lesser points
> and a swan naiant counterchanged. *
> Enid grants permission to conflict for all armory which is one countable
> step (DC) from her device.
> Gillian inghean Sheain. Name. *
> This name mixes an English given name and a Gaelic byname. This combination
> is a step from period practice under the Rules for Submissions; it is an
> acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C of the Standards for Evaluation.
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