HERB - good morning

ND Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Apr 17 09:45:56 PDT 1998

Welcome to the Herbalist list.  Hopefully we will have a lot of fun and
learn not only incredibly interesting things about herbs but other bits of
info as well.  Since this is a new list, I thought it might be a good idea
to introduc ourselves and find some common ground.

My name is Clare and sorta encouraged Pug to set this up.  (Thanks Pug.) I
am interested in all types of herbs and gardening -- medieval and modern.
Unfortunately my garden is really chewed up at this point but I actually
like to garden as well.  I have been in the SCA for a while, starting in
Bjornsborg and the I moved to Bryn Gwlad where I currently live.  I am the
co-ordinator of the Bryn Gwlad Herbalist's Guild.  I have been mundanely
apprenticed to a herbalist and I worked in a store that sold herbs and
aromatherapy oils.  I have made incense and have done wildcrafting
(harvesting from the wild.)  I do some spinning and weaving when pushed and
I really enjoy researching....  I also cook.

Boy I sound like a know it all....... but I really think you never know
enough about herbs....

Hope to hear from you soon.


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