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Keith E. Brandt, M.D. wd9get at amsat.org
Fri Apr 17 20:10:06 PDT 1998

Scripsit Clare: 
>Welcome to the Herbalist list.  Hopefully we will have a lot of fun and
>learn not only incredibly interesting things about herbs but other bits of
>info as well.  Since this is a new list, I thought it might be a good idea
>to introduce ourselves and find some common ground.

To all whose retinae these photons impinge, Greetings from Friar Galen of
Ockham, Chirurgeon of Ansteorra and currently reposing in the Barony of
Bjornsborg (though I fear my Uncle Samuel will not allow me rest and I
shall be forced to move on two summers hence). I have most recently come
from the Kingdom of the East where I sojourned two years, originally from
the Midrealm. 

Herbs have been an area of study of mine the past several months, mainly in
the modern healing aspects. I am also interested in Medieval medical uses.
Mundanely, I am a physician, board certified Family Practice, and currently
a Resident in Aerospace Medicine with the Air Force. A green thumb I most
decidedly lack, thus my interest is more in uses than production of herbals.

I look forward to the information to come forth from this group. For a
start, I might ask what references the illustrious Gentles of the list have
found useful as modern medicinal references. I have found the "Encyclopedia
of Natural Medicine" by Michael Murray, N.D, and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D. (new
second edition just out) to be nice. On line,
http://www.primenet.com/camilla has a good general article "Herbal
Medicine: Sometimes Helpful But Use With Care" and FAQs for St. John's Wort
and Echinacae. The "Textbook of Natural Medicine" has some of its articles
available at http://www.healthy.net/library/books/textbook/index.html (some
chapters free, some available for a fee, some just plain not available
without buying the ~$265.50 book). All these sources have a good scientific
background for their recommendations, which is something I tend to value. 

In Service to Physick and Chirurgy,

Friar Galen of Ockham
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