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Keith E. Brandt, M.D. wd9get at amsat.org
Sun Apr 19 12:13:31 PDT 1998

>I'm interested in finding out if anyone has any documentation on the use
>of dandelion greens as a tea for PMS relief.  I saw a program on natural
>remedies sometime ago which mentioned this as a PMS palliative.  Has
>something to do with getting rid of the excess fluid retention which
>lessens pressure on the brain?  

Dandelion is a good diuretic (makes you urinate). Since water retention is
a common complaint in PMS, I can see where dandelion might get recommended.
However, this is treating a symptom, not the problem. Not to mention use of
diuretics can lead to other (sometimes lethal) problems (e.g., potassium
The naturopathic suggestion for PMS is diet high in plant foods (veggies,
fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds), small to moderate meat and
dairy, reduced fat and sugar intake. Supplements with B6 and magnesium can
be helpful. Herbal treatments of angelica, dong quai, licorice root, black
cohosh, and chasteberry could be helpful. 
I wouldn't recommend starting any of these treatments without checking with
a physician, as there can be many other factors that can mimic or worsen
PMS symptoms. 

>I have no documentation other than the TV

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