HERB - Re: Dandelions

Carl and/or Anne Adamczyk grania1 at juno.com
Sun Apr 19 14:34:35 PDT 1998

 >>Dandelion is a good diuretic (makes you urinate). Since water 
>>retention is
>>a common complaint in PMS, I can see where dandelion might get 
>>However, this is treating a symptom, not the problem. Not to mention 
>>use of
>>diuretics can lead to other (sometimes lethal) problems (e.g., 

My garden is in full bloom with all the requisite spring weeds (if you
know the name it is a wildflower, if not then it must be a weed). 
Dandelions are everywhere.  If I limit the amount of dandelion tea to 1-2
cups/day and offset K+ depletion with extra bananas or prunes would that


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