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Sun Apr 19 18:21:50 PDT 1998

What would you all recommend for wanting to keep some basil and such in
pots?  It gets chilly at night still, but I would like to get some started.

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>You're in the Houston, TX area, I think?  Basil needs a lot of sun (at
least 6
>hours of direct sun), good soil and fairly frequent watering.  Assuming you
>planted seed in the ground and not a pot, keep the ground moist (water at
>least once a day if it doesn't rain) until it sprouts, water every couple
>days until it is at least a few inches tall (assuming no rain), and then at
>least twice a week during the heat and drought of summer.  Don't just
>sprinkle,  soak the ground pretty well, the roots go deep.  Make sure
>are spaced at least 12" apart, they'll get pretty big by August or so.
>You can begin to harvest a few leaves once the plant has enough leaves that
>won't miss a few.  My plants usually take a couple of months to reach that
>size.  Once it really takes off, prune back the tips of branches about once
>week, particularly anything that looks like the beginning of a bloom.  If
>blooming gets started, the flavor falls off.
>This is what's worked worked for me for the last three years here in SE
>I've had a plant last from starting indoors in January through early
>though the plants start deteriorating in November when the weather gets
>colder.  I've had no pest problems to speak of, just occasionally having to
>pick off a caterpillar or a damaged leaf.
>Raisya Khorivovna
>Hockley, TX
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