HERB - Don't be Rash

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Sun Apr 19 21:24:10 PDT 1998

I also have a rash under my arm.  Does anyone know of a natural remedy?
I have tried aloe vera, but it is not helping.

What you are experiencing may be a form of candida, or basically, a yeast
infection.  This is what is sometimes known as heat rash as well.  Try
washing the area regularily with an antibacterial soap,  and if you have
some handy, something like Vagistat.  For candida symptoms in private and
other external areas, I take (internally) Capricyllic acid, sometimes
marketed as Capryl.  I also make a salve with the stuff, added to k-y
type jelly, with tea tree oil, and a little garlic/goldenseal oil. 
	 Keeping the area clean and dry is important.    
	Good Luck, 

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