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Mon Apr 20 03:17:59 PDT 1998


>What would you all recommend for wanting to keep some basil and such in

If you're starting plants for transplant to the garden, start with small pots
and your favorite potting soil mix.  Fill the pot most of the way, spread a
few seeds on the top (it germinates well), and then cover with a very thin
layer of potting soil and water thoroughly.  Until the plants sprout, water
daily (setting in a shallow pan of water can help too).  After they sprout,
water at least every other day and keep in a sunny window.  Once you are past
your last frost day, they can be transplanted safely.

If you want to keep the plants in pots, there are a couple of differences.
I'd start with at least an 8" pot, thin to one plant and once it is about 6"
tall, transplant it to at least a 12" pot.  You can grow decent plants in a
12" pot, but larger would probably be better.  And unless you're using one of
those fertilized mixes, you'll need to fertilize a plant kept in a pot, how
often will depend on what you use.  I like a weak manure tea about once a

Funny you should ask about basil in a pot, ask me sometime about the basil
plant that went to Gulf War this year <G>.

Raisya Khorivovna
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