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Please send me what info you have on plant and tree symbolism.  The
Unicorn Tapestries book sounds interesting.  My favorite bit of UT trivia
is that the rabbits often symbolized infidelity. (I collect rabbits. 
Didn't know their symbolism was sometimes negative.  Oh, well...)



On Sun, 19 Apr 1998 19:26:28 -0500 "N. D. Wederstrandt"
<nweders at mail.utexas.edu> writes:
>The two books that I found so far include
>		The Healing Garden by Sue Minter, curator of the 
>Chelsea Physic Garden,
>Headline Book Publishing, London, 1993.
>ISBM 0-7472-7914-4  
>		Rooted in the Spirit, Exploring Inspirational Gardens 
>by Maureen Gilmer,
>Taylor Publishing Com, Dallas 1997.
>ISBM 0-87833-938-8  
>	I also have a bunch of articles from mags concerning moon 
>gardens, bamboo,
>fountains, etc,  They are unfortunately scattered everywhere.  I 
>getting fascinated with gardens that have a spiritual side to them 
>when I
>had the happy chance of going to the Chalice Garden in Glastonbury.  
>It was
>very impressive  and I started noticing how often gardens give people 
>sense of calm.  I read somewhere that they release more oxygen so 
>breathe more and they get calmer....
>I think Zen Gardens are a lot like that as well.  Saw a program on
>gardening in Japan and was taken withthe overall peacefullness of it.  
>problem is that my yard is anything but peaceful.... more like a 
>over run with baby hackberries,  For me it's really something to dream 
>I would love water of some sort in the yard as well.  Fountain, pool,
>stream, I wouldn't complain....
>I taught a class for King's College on gardens and realized that they 
>gardens for meditation.  Then I started getting sidetracked on 
>symbolist in
>gardens and in particular on flower and tree symbolism in the Unicorn
>Tapestries.  (If you want I can e-mail you the title of a great book 
>on that.)
>Bryn Gwlad - Ansteorra
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