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Hello.  You know me 
 and I know you.  I used to go by Cheniere, but nobody could
I am Mayne's lady.  You and I sat together at Angeline and Roger's
I was interested in your jewelry making at one of the events at

Thanks for the info.  This is my first attempt at growing an herb.

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998 20:30:15 EDT RAISYA <RAISYA at aol.com> writes:
>You're in the Houston, TX area, I think?  Basil needs a lot of sun (at 
>least 6
>hours of direct sun), good soil and fairly frequent watering.  
>Assuming you
>planted seed in the ground and not a pot, keep the ground moist (water 
>least once a day if it doesn't rain) until it sprouts, water every 
>couple of
>days until it is at least a few inches tall (assuming no rain), and 
>then at
>least twice a week during the heat and drought of summer.  Don't just
>sprinkle,  soak the ground pretty well, the roots go deep.  Make sure 
>are spaced at least 12" apart, they'll get pretty big by August or so.
>You can begin to harvest a few leaves once the plant has enough leaves 
>that it
>won't miss a few.  My plants usually take a couple of months to reach 
>size.  Once it really takes off, prune back the tips of branches about 
>once a
>week, particularly anything that looks like the beginning of a bloom.  
>blooming gets started, the flavor falls off.
>This is what's worked worked for me for the last three years here in 
>SE Texas.
>I've had a plant last from starting indoors in January through early 
>though the plants start deteriorating in November when the weather 
>colder.  I've had no pest problems to speak of, just occasionally 
>having to
>pick off a caterpillar or a damaged leaf.
>Raisya Khorivovna
>Hockley, TX
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