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On Mon, 20 Apr 1998 21:15:23 PDT "Kaitlyn McKenna"
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>>Please send me what info you have on plant and tree symbolism.  The
>>Unicorn Tapestries book sounds interesting. 
>Me, too!!!
I wanted to try a meditation maze in my yard this year but I didn't  want
to sacrifice some well established lavender. I still think it would be a
really great design for low growing herbs which tend to be perenials. 
After the intial work it would essentially take care of itself with some
cutting back to re-establish the pathways from time to time.  I also
understand that there was a craze for mazes late in our time period.

Good luck.
>Greetings all,
>I am very new to gardening/herbal stuff to begin with, but have been 
>interested for a long time. I finally have my own house to invest the 
>time and resources of a full garden.  I would like to turn my whole 
>into a garden, heavy of the herbs with maybe knot gardens.  My yard 
>tends to be shady.  Any comments or suggestion for design?
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