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RAISYA RAISYA at aol.com
Wed Apr 22 12:54:44 PDT 1998


Yes, I thought that was you, but I wasn't certain.  If you have questions,
give me a yell.

The basil plant at Gulf War?  <G> Well, I needed fresh basil to make pesto for
A&S.  I had started the plant back about October in a pot, and pampered it all
winter long.  It was 2 1/2 foot tall by March in a big pot, it needed a seat
to itself for the trip.  The first two nights we were there, the temperatures
dropped to about 18F, way too cold for basil.  The first night, we put it in
the van, running the heat for a few minutes and packing stuff around it to
keep it warm.  The second and third nights, a friend had to smuggle it into a
cabin and put it on top of the hot water heater.

I took great delight in turning that plant into pesto (closest I ever came to
detesting a plant <G>), but I will NEVER do anything that insane again.  Next
time, I find a recipe that uses dried herbs.

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