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It is amazing how much herbal discussion is happening on the SCA Cooks
list, but here is another posting I just knew had to come here too. 
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     Well! Ya'll may not get *all* my violet roots, after all! One of the
knowledgable folks on that mundane herb list I mentioned just happened to
that she had a paper about violets webbed at :
      She had the following to say about the roots:

"Violet roots are antipyretic, diuretic, expectorant, emollient, emetic
cathartic. Violet root is used for reducing coughs, cooling fevers, and
soothing sore feet. It can be toxic in excess. In Europe cough syrup is
from violet root. Viola odorata root tincture (5-15 drops per day) or
tricolor (pansy) root tincture (5-25 drops perday) are used for
distress, to cool fevers and break up mucus.Pansy root tincture reduces
congestion and moves urine. Viola odorata root tincture also calms
reduces inflammation, clears the lingering effects of pertussis and
hysteria. The fresh or dried roots, crushed and steeped for several hours
vinegar are used to poultice sore, hot, infected feet and the feet of

     Sounds like Iike I'll have to play a bit--and what she had to say
the leaves made me feel guilty about the ones I pulled out of the
bed tonight. Oh, well, there's *Plenty* more left! ;-) No, didn't have
time to
go after the roots in that bed--that'll have to wait for next week at the


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