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<<  So, I decided to bring my own herb garden with me.  I planted a
 hanging basket with kitchen herbs (parsley, sage, basil, chives), and
 also brought an aloe plant to have on hand.  I used one of those wire
 mesh baskets to hang all of the plants from the poles inside my kitchen
 tent, and we used them quite a lot.  >>

      Now *that's* a lovely idea, dear! Although, at the rate I use them I
might need half a dozen baskets or more.......... ;-) If I ever get to make
the "Great Pilgrimage" to Pennsic I'll have to try it. Deciding the week's
menu months in advance, as several folks on the cook's list have been doing,
would let you tailor your plantings to what you would be using most, in time
for the babies to get big enough to pick.

Ldy Diana Fiona O'Shera, Meridies
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