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maddie teller-kook meadhbh at io.com
Thu Apr 23 14:15:40 PDT 1998

What a wonderful and ingenious idea!  I think I may try to do that for Gulf War.
Granted it can get cold (no, really...grin). But having the fresh herbs on hand
would be a wonderful bonus!!!!  Thanks again for the idea!


Christine A Seelye-King wrote:

> <snip long story leading up to the gleeful death of a basil plant>
> >I took great delight in turning that plant into pesto (closest I ever
> >came to
> >detesting a plant <G>), but I will NEVER do anything that insane
> >again.  Next
> >time, I find a recipe that uses dried herbs.
> >
> >Raisya
>         Many years ago at Pennsic, a friend of mine that camps in the Bog
> showed me a very good patch of spearmint, growing around the drainage of
> the lake.  I have returned many times to harvest there,  it is usually
> flowering in August, and makes wonderful table decorations, as well as
> secanjubin, mint jeulups, tea, etc.  Friends of mine were inspired  by
> this to grow herbs on site, to be able to harvest fresh herbs while
> there.  The next year, I went to my local nursery to get some herbs.  I
> had my mom with me, and was explaining to her that my problem was going
> to be finding herbs that would summer over here in Ga., and transplant
> successfully to Pennsylvania close to the winter season.  A Pike's
> Nursery employee just happened to overhear me, and said " Well, I'm from
> Slippery Rock, Penn, and I can probably help you." !!!  So, I bought
> plants, transplanted some out of my yard, and took up several pots for
> them.  They put them in the woods behind the bog, and evidently the
> woodland creatures had a fine gourmet time, and nothing was left the next
> year.   So, I decided to bring my own herb garden with me.  I planted a
> hanging basket with kitchen herbs (parsley, sage, basil, chives), and
> also brought an aloe plant to have on hand.  I used one of those wire
> mesh baskets to hang all of the plants from the poles inside my kitchen
> tent, and we used them quite a lot.  It was commented on many times by
> visitors to our camp, and by those who dined with us.  I will definately
> do this again, it made a very nice addition to our kitchen at camp.
> Mistress Christianna MacGrain, OP, Meridies
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