HERB - Taking Potted Herbs to Events

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Fri Apr 24 10:54:28 PDT 1998

Well, it's a 14 hour drive for us, and we take it in two days, just to
avoid being totally burned out at the end of the trip, when the really
heavy unloading and setting up begins.  I just packed the hanging basket
in the back, secured it so it wouldn't dump over (a second time - you
want to talk about the look on my lord's face when that happened, no, we
won't go there), and they rode quite well.  I even bought some herbs
while there, and they survived the trip home quite well.  We also stopped
at a place to eat in Pittsburg (an "Eat and Park"?) and it had a home/
hardware store next to it.  We found a few more herbs there, and they
gave them to us because the clerk said they were a mis-order anyway!  So,
it can be done, they don't take up that much room, (secured well), and it
is a really nice addition to camp cooking.  
	Mistress Christianna
On Fri, 24 Apr 1998 12:22:08 EDT RAISYA <RAISYA at aol.com> writes:
>Mistress Christianna,
>I admire your patience, but if I were to suggest to my husband that I 
>taking pots of live herbs to Pennsic (a 27 hour drive for us, with 
>I think he'd have me committed <G>.  Still, it might be worth it just 
>for the
>expression on his face <G>.
>Raisya Khorivovna
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