HERB - Taking Potted Herbs to Events

Louis Stull lstull at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 29 00:44:25 PDT 1998

Ok -
I just have to add to this one.
My sister Samrah takes potted herbs to events all the time.
Admittedly we haven't ventured with them as far as some of you.
In fact, she started doing this because she already sells spices
and couldn't find live herbs as readily as she likes.
Now we cary them as a product.
Really she just likes to have the plants around.
And yes we did almost commit her when  she said she was going to
have live herb plants at an event 3 miles from the mexican border.
(read 100 degrees in the shade and dry as a bone).
I don't know if we are going to be bringing them to the Outlandish (from Caid)
I would urge you to recommed that we don't but I have a feeling this is the wrong
crowd for that.

- Conneach
lstull at earthlink.net
RAISYA wrote:

> Mistress Christianna,
> I admire your patience, but if I were to suggest to my husband that I was
> taking pots of live herbs to Pennsic (a 27 hour drive for us, with children),
> I think he'd have me committed <G>.  Still, it might be worth it just for the
> expression on his face <G>.
> Raisya Khorivovna
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