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SCOTT A WAGGONER maynedelacroix at juno.com
Wed Apr 29 03:23:44 PDT 1998

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998 00:44:25 -0700 Louis Stull <lstull at earthlink.net>
>Ok -
>I just have to add to this one.
>My sister Samrah takes potted herbs to events all the time.
>Admittedly we haven't ventured with them as far as some of you.
>In fact, she started doing this because she already sells spices
>and couldn't find live herbs as readily as she likes.
>Now we cary them as a product.
>Really she just likes to have the plants around.
>And yes we did almost commit her when  she said she was going to
>have live herb plants at an event 3 miles from the mexican border.
>(read 100 degrees in the shade and dry as a bone).
>I don't know if we are going to be bringing them to the Outlandish 
>(from Caid)
>I would urge you to recommed that we don't but I have a feeling this 
>is the wrong
>crowd for that.

Yes it is.  We love our herbs!
>- Conneach
>lstull at earthlink.net
>RAISYA wrote:
>> Mistress Christianna,
>> I admire your patience, but if I were to suggest to my husband that 
>I was
>> taking pots of live herbs to Pennsic (a 27 hour drive for us, with 
>> I think he'd have me committed <G>.  Still, it might be worth it 
>just for the
>> expression on his face <G>.
>> Raisya Khorivovna
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