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Another Forward from the Cooks list, I did not know that Gallingale was
the source for the word "Gallant"!

Excuse me for showing my ignorance - what is Gallingale?

Galingale is a spice related to ginger and subject to the same varients
hot/sweet as ginger, in it various forms. It looks like ginger al little,
too. It's flavor is different, however, and has more "bite" and "savor".
often combine the two to get that whole gingery range. It works well as a
hot spice OR a sweet spice. Do not bother with dried or powdered
that is more than 6 months old. You may as well use ginger, since the
unique flavors have dissapeared by then. Some day I will get real fresh,
rather than fresh frozen galingale from NYC, if it's possible, so I can
taste the difference.

If none is available, you may substitute ginger if you must, but the end
result will be a pale comparison. I do not know why the use of galingale
dropped off at the end of our period. It's a real shame!

In period dishes were originally made from it with such names as Sauce
Galantine. These are highly flavored, sharp sauces that were said to give
you courage, valor, and honor (thus the word "Galant"). They were
traditionally served with red meats and fowl, and really do live up to
their reputation of restoring the appetite. Even if you are stuffed full,
you can still eat roast beef with a galantine sauce! 




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