HERB - ginger/galingale

ND Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Apr 27 10:45:20 PDT 1998

 Oriental market ssometimes sell fresh galingal root and it may be the same
spice.  It' a ginger like rook at well only paler than ginger (less brown)
with pinkish tips.  I bought some and sunk it in a pot -- does quite well.
I currently have a cinnamon ginger plant which is also in a pot but I
haven't tried it yet.  Since it didn't come with a latin name I'm not sure
what type of ginger it is.  Since I haven't tested it, I not sure if it has
any cinnamon overtones or not.  Maybe this year when it's bigger.  It looks
suspicuously like regular ginger we used to grow in California when I was a


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